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Meet Our Board.

Our Puppy Food Bank board is a dedicated team of individuals committed to alleviating pet hunger. With diverse expertise, they guide our organization towards impactful initiatives, ensuring the welfare of dogs in need. Together, they play a pivotal role in shaping our mission for a brighter future for pet rescue shelters and homeless pets.

  • Bob Wills

    President & Founder

    Bob Wills, the Founder of the Puppy Food Bank, established this nonprofit with a heartfelt commitment to aiding animals in need. As a passionate pet enthusiast, Bob and his wife, Peggy, are determined to provide support to no-kill pet rescue shelters facing food shortages.The Wills family has five furry friends named: Bailey, Zack, Dexter, Harley and Grayson. Two of their pets were rescued from a local shelter in San Antonio, TX.

  • Luis Miguel De la Torre

    Board Member

    Luis Miguel de la Torre currently serves as the President of Clear Channel Outdoor San Antonio and is a dedicated advocate for the well-being of dogs. His passion for the welfare of these loyal companions is evident in his commitment to ensuring that every dog has access to nutritious food. With his leadership skills and genuine care for animals, Luis is making a positive impact on both the corporate and philanthropic fronts, fostering a community where the needs of our furry friends are met with compassion and love. His work is dedicated to his recently passed, 14-year-old Pit rescue Tawny.

  • Katy Bryant

    Board Member

    Katy Bryant, President of Laser Printers and Mailing Services has been a long-time advocate for the homeless and abused animals in the community. Her passion and love for animals and her strength in fundraising has made a significant impact helping local rescues reach their goals. She has volunteered her time in animal welfare for over 20 years. Katy and her husband Bob have 4 dogs, Sam, Nova, Sasha & Bella, 4 cats and 2 birds, all rescues.

Our Story

Bob and Peggy Wills have owned pets their whole life. They currently have five dogs as part of their family. They love dogs!

For many years, they have been financially donating to pet rescue organizations and holding fundraisers-all for the hope that they help save pet lives.

Bob is the founder of seven companies and three non-profits in Texas.

He creates! In 2022, he wanted to do more for pet rescue shelters, and he founded the Puppy Food Bank with his wife and business partners. Their sole mission is to help save dog lives. Puppy Food Bank’s primary criteria for helping a pet rescue is simple; they must be a committed ‘no kill’ shelter. That’s non-negotiable with Bob and the Puppy Food Bank team.

The Puppy Food Bank went active in 2023 and now has over 4,000 donors to date, most of whom make monthly donations of $11.00 to $25.00 per month. With the money raised, the Puppy Food Bank is now supporting 19 pet rescues and organizations in Texas with pet food shipped directly to them.

Now the Puppy Food Bank has expanded its mission to the Continental United States. Why not? Bob believes in America and has said “if we can match the support we have garnered in Texas, we can save tens of thousands of dogs nationally every year!”

Factoid:Over 60 million homes in America have one or more dogs living with them today

Our mission is simple; get just 1.5% of Americans to donate $15 a month and we’ll be able to feed hundreds of thousands pets annually until they get adopted.

With your generous support of the Puppy Food Bank, we can transform pet care. Please join us and make a difference!

The Pets Need Your Help Now! Your tax-deductible donation will save pet lives at no-kill rescue shelters.

As our thank you for your monthly donation,
you will receive a free Puppy Food Bank umbrella.

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