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Ending Pet Hunger Across North America

What started as a small nonprofit in Texas, has recently expanded nationally. The Puppy Food Bank is a virtual pet food bank. We have no expensive warehouses and delivery trucks! We have food shipped directly from CHEWY with the sole mission to provide much needed food supplies to select “no kill” pet rescue shelters and approved foster families at no additional cost to them.

What We Do.

Our mission is simple: end pet hunger! With online and mail in donations as well as event fundraising, we eliminate food scarcity as a barrier to caring for homeless pets in North America. Partnering with food distributors, together we can all save thousands of pet lives!

Donate Now

Help Us Make a Lasting Impact!

Our goal is to secure 500,000 compassionate donors who will play a crucial role in saving thousands of pet’s lives at pet rescue shelters nationally. Your contribution ensures not only the well-being of these furry friends but also provides nutritious food, bringing us one step closer to a world where no puppy goes hungry. Join our mission and be a part of the change!

What is a Virtual Food Bank?

Our “low-cost/no-cost” virtual food bank operation maximizes the support we can provide to pet rescue shelters. We warehouse no food. All food is shipped directly from manufacturers through pet food services like CHEWY.

Food shipments are delivered to pet rescue shelters every 2-4 weeks.
Dogs are provided with essential care at no cost to shelters and foster families.
Donations saved from pet food expenses at shelters are redirected towards services such as spaying and neutering.

Our Core Beliefs at

The Puppy Food Bank

  • Lack of resources should not impede pet rescues from caring for homeless animals.

  • We need to be the voice for pets who don’t have one.

  • Avoid euthanizing healthy, adoptable animals.

  • Pets deserve to be equal members of any family.

  • No pet should go hungry or lack supplies.

Meet Our Founders

Bob Wills
Peggy Wills

Bob and Peggy Wills have owned pets their entire lives and currently have five dogs. Supporting pet rescue shelters has been a lifelong mission for both of them. In October 2022, they founded Puppy Food Bank.

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The Pets Need Your Help Now! Your tax-deductible donation will save pet lives at no-kill rescue shelters.

As our thank you for your monthly donation,
you will receive a free Puppy Food Bank umbrella.

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