Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I receive support for my organization?

    If you are employed or volunteer with a committed no-kill pet rescue, shelter, or organization, please fill out the partner form. Applications are reviewed and a follow up meeting (virtual or in-person) will be conducted within 30 days. Not all applications will be approved, as our support depends on current funding. Please allow 30 days to receive a response on your application after an interview is conducted.
  • How are pet rescues, organizations, shelters selected to receive food?

  • What type of brands do you provide to pet rescues, shelters, and organizations?

  • I do not work for a pet rescue, organization, or shelter, can I still receive free pet food?

  • How often do you provide food to the selected rescues?

  • I live in Dallas and want to support rescues and organizations in the Dallas area.

  • I am an individual looking for help feeding my pet(s), where can I go?

  • I donated but have not received my gift.

  • I donated, and it has been 6 weeks, where is my gift?

  • Do you provide cat food?

  • Is my gift tax deductible?

  • Where can I mail a check?

  • My company wants to host an event to benefit Puppy Food Bank, who should I contact?

  • Do you help with the cost of medical care for pets?

  • Can I surrender my pet to you?

  • What is a virtual food bank?